Not just another Thursday …….

I knew this day, this Thursday was going to be special when Alvin woke up at 4:45 a.m. for the fourth day in a row.   LOL.  When I took him outside, the morning air felt warm against my skin, and the stars were shining brightly in the morning sky.  So beautiful.   I knew at that moment that it was not just another Thursday.  After someone had his “breakfast” we hit the sofa for our nap, yes I know ……. only up for ten minutes (more like seven), and then napping already.  But to start my day at 4:45 a.m. after more than thirty years of getting up that early ….. NO …… I made an executive decision to just take a NAP !!!  It works.   We were up just before 7:30 a.m. and while I was putting on my face, Alvin was chewing on his bone.  Or that is what  I thought!  I have this nice white mat on the master bathroom floor ….. well I had a nice white mat …..  Just as I was brushing my hair, Alvin made this funny noise, and I looked down, and here if he had pulled out some of the thick cotton threads,and they were strewn about. Mom was not happy but it was temporary as I reminded myself that he is a puppy.  Bye bye mat.  I loved that little mat.  Bare floor now.  Will have to resort to the plain non chewable ones from Canadian Tire.  After I checked my e-mail, I decided to take Master Alvin for our morning walk instead of eating breakfast.  That way when we got home I could eat, have coffee and watch one of the morning shows.  So away we went.  He is so cute when he is walking down the street.  His head perked up straight and tall. Sometimes he pulls on the leash as if to say “I am in charge”.  We always walk to a neighbourhood lake.  A couple of weeks ago the ducks started to show up.  The water was still froze over in most places.  The first day they arrived, Alvin stopped and sat on his haunches to do his first duck watching.  So cute.  Now it is an everyday occurrence.  Such a beautiful morning.  When we arrived home, there was a sticky note on the front door “Come 4 Coffee” …… so next door we went to have coffee.  Alvin had water and carrots.  He wanted the coffee but I figured that was one thing he really didn’t need.  I had poppyseed cake for breakfast.  How lucky am I.  I have the best neighbour and she is a great cook/baker.

Sometimes you just have to have “Poppyseed cake” for breakfast !!!

Now mid afternoon and time for Master Alvin to have a bath.  He just woke up from a nice long nap.  Mom appreciates it so much. This has been a great day – not just another Thursday ………

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