Thought for the day

This morning my daughter Amanda and I took a walk around our neighbourhood and picked up the trash.  Four bags and two hours later we cleaned up our area.  It still amazes me the amount of litter that is “disgracing” our neighbourhood.  People seem to just walk by the same empty milk jug day after day.  Also the community mailboxes are a drop off zone for flyers and unwanted mail.  I wish that people would take more pride in their community.  It is so easy to do.  Just bend over and pick up that piece of paper and put it in your trash can.  Not difficult.  Not at all.  Do we really want our children and pets possibly eating something off the ground or handling something dirty?   Remember to recycle.  Also I would mention that the blue bins that are used in your home to contain the recycling are not meant to house those items waiting outside on the curb for the garbage guys.  The wind comes up and blows and blows.  Suddenly those papers and cardboard bits are all over your neighbourhood.

My thought for the day is:  Littering is still a crime.  Crime to yourself.  Crime to your neighbourhood.  Crime to the world.  We need to take more pride in the world around us.  I want my grandchildren and all the babies that are born to be surrounded by the same beauty, as I had growing up.  Please.

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