Helpful Hints for the Ladies

Hi, I was watching one of the morning programs and learned some interesting facts.  I would love to share them with you ladies out there in BLOG LAND:

– If you have some powder eye shadow that you have had for a bit (don’t keep for more than one year), it can be sanitized by taking a cotton swab and wetting it with rubbing alcohol. Leave the compact open and  place it inside a ziploc bag for a few hours. I tried it and it does refresh the eye shadow.  But at the end of the day do not keep your eye make-up for more than a year.  If it starts to give off an odour it is definitely time to dispose of that “metallic blue” shadow (LOL).  I have a weakness for make-up.  My bathroom drawers were jammed full.  Just last week, I decided that because I  had better do some make-up house-cleaning.  So now the spare bathroom does not house the make-up that I do not use on a daily basis.  All that I use is housed in a couple of trays in my personal bathroom.   YAY.

-I did not know this one.  Lipstick should not smell.  If it starts to give off a crayon-like odour it is time to toss it.

-Try not to purchase more than what you really need and use. ( this was tough for me but I have learned a valuable lesson)

Much easier on the pocketbook, too.

– Perfumes should be kept out of the light and direct heat ( I know we girls all want to display those pretty bottles)

I will continue to share any helpful hints that I come across in my “travels”……


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