Thought for the day

Today is Earth Day.  What are you doing to celebrate?

How about trying one of the following ideas:

  • try a new green cleaning product or make your own  (baking soda, vinegar)
  • recycle all your newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, milk cartons, pop cans.
  • does your community have a recycling pick-up program?
  • remember to place your recycled items in a “blue bag” not the “blue bin” or other container
  • reason for this, in most places there is something called “wind” and it blows your items all over the place
  • you can always give your magazines to someone else to read or perhaps a shelter for the homeless
  • pick up any pieces of paper or trash that you see
  • remember keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy, it looks better and all of the children and animals appreciate it
  • purchase grocery items that line the perimeter of the store or items with the least amount of packaging and remember to recycle
  • wash your dishes in the dishwasher – uses way less water than washing by hand
  • instead of throwing out unused items that are still useful, try hosting a garage sale either by yourself or with your neighbours

I hope that this list can help you enjoy and celebrate EARTH DAY.

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