Good Morning to You All,

Well it was looking like sun earlier this morning at 5:30 when Alvin and I first were out of bed.  Now it has been pouring rain for hours.  Just had two LOUD cracks of thunder and both Alvin and I JUMPED.  My goodness sakes alive – the rain, just keeps coming.  I can see some sunny sky to the south of us but it is quickly being replaced by huge dark rain filled clouds.  I keep thinking about my poor flowers out on the deck and thinking – should I go out and move them closer to the house??

I think that Alvin needs to go outside (pawing at me), so perhaps we shall give it a try again.  Tried earlier and he stepped out in the rain and stepped right back into the house.  LOL.  Here we go again ….. back later.

Back again and it is 9:00 p.m. already – where has the day gone.  Guess what I went through my kitchen cupboards (upper ones) and found enough items that I no longer require so ended up with a whole cabinet empty.  (that would be six sections)  YAY.  But alas, I filled it up with dried goods, coffees and teas from the pantry.  Getting lots of things to sell at the garage sale next weekend.  Always good to “clean sweep” things.  Considering I lived in an apartment just over a year ago …….. how did I manage to accumulate so many things? LOL   I am thinking now that LESS is definitely MORE.  I have to keep that mind-set.  It is difficult when you go into “Bed Bath & Beyond” and see some pretty frames or more towels or ooh COFFEE MUGS.  I quite possibly have a problem with COFFEE MUGS.  When I was in Regina in the apartment I had over 100 coffee mugs not including the china ones.  I did manage to “off load” some of them but still bought some (couldn’t resist the Christmas ones at StarBuck) after I moved into this house. What is wrong with me?  Anyway, I methodically went through the ones that I now have, and tried to be practical about the whole thing.  But there are the Star Trek ones that I picked up on my trip to Las Vegas (The Star Trek Experience at The Hilton Hotel which is no longer there), Harry Potter Mug from my daughter, mugs from Reinsurers, Christmas mugs, Easter mugs, mugs from different places that I have travelled, mugs from friends and family, mugs to commemorate anniversaries of places and pretty much every kind you can think of……. COFFEE MUGS GONE CRAZY !!   It wouldn’t be so bad if it was the only thing that I “collected” but sadly it is not.  I have an Angel collection, Hallmark Snowmen collection and the list goes on.  Perhaps whenever the feeling comes over me to buy another coffee mug I should take that money and put it towards a “winter vacation” ……..  it is just so hard to resist ……..  I guess there is a reason why I love the “Shopaholic” books ….. I can sort of identify ….. (I will admit that I am not quite that over the top LOL

Next the bottom cupboards and the basement.  Oh, gotta get that garage cleaned out and up (kind of untidy since the landscaping) and ready for the SALE

Nice to see the sun shining late this afternoon (even went for two walks with Alvin and the second one included Amanda, Elton & Penny).  I SURE HOPE and WISH WISH WISH, that the SUN SHINES ALL DAY TOMORROW !!!!  THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

Well life is like that …… a rainy day in the neighbourhood and a coffee mug problem…….

Well, time to go and relax with Alvin on the sofa.  He is sleeping in the hallway on the “carpet” …… more comfortable than the laminate in my office.

Have a great day ALL.

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