Alvin’s in Love ……..

A couple of evenings ago, we (me and  Alvin) were out for our usual walk around the lake.  We were near the bend by the bench (and garbage can), and I was trying to get Alvin to have a drink of water but he would have no part of it.  So I looked up to see this pretty blond woman, and her cute little doggie coming toward us.  At that point, I figured that Al probably wasn’t interested in having a drink of water (I was right).  Both dogs started running toward each other.  It was just like in a movie.  Alvin’s hind end was wiggling so fast that I thought for sure it would “shake right off.”   We, Moms started giggling as it was so apparent that these dogs really liked each other.  The young woman’s name was Carling (yes, like the brewery Carling O’Keefe) and the little dog, a female named “Roxy”…… well no wonder Alvin was excited.  Both puppies and full of energy.  They sniffed each other and played and played and played.  Carling and I chatted and could not get over how much these two little dogs liked each other.  I was so relieved after the visit from a neighbouring St. Bernard (got away from his master).  Alvin was trying to protect me and was so scared.  I think that the St. Bernard just wanted to check out our garage sale, and introduce himself.  Actually, I was a bit shaken as well.  He was a big boy, well at least I thought he was a boy.  A man!!

Back to Roxy and Alvin.  After several minutes of watching the puppies playing we decided it was time to go.  As it turned out – we were both headed in the same direction.  Carling said that “Roxy” was flirting with Alvin, OMG so cute.  She would push her “back end” out  and then Alvin would just be in his glory.  I guess in hindsight (LOL) – good thing that he can no longer make “puppies” ……

When we got home – Alvin didn’t want to go into the house – he stood on the step and watched Roxy, his first love …… walk away.  I think that we will see them again (they live close by).

Anyway, it made my heart warm to see my Alvin so happy.  I truly am blessed.  He is the best little dog.  I love you Alvin.

Truly it is those times – on just a routine walk – on a beautiful evening – something so glorious happened.  L-O-V-E.

You just never know……

Always, Carol

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  1. Janice
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 00:28:57

    I love reading your blog. It reminds me to enjoy the small moments in life. Must take my own boy out for his evening walk, he is more likely to chase a squirrel than find love, but you never know.


    • mynewlifeat51
      Aug 21, 2010 @ 04:18:07

      Hi Cousin,

      Thank you so much. I do enjoy writing. I am reminded that I need to do it EVERY day ….. some days I get caught up with life and I miss writing on my blog but it is so much fun. Alvin is a treasure and I am working on a book marking our first 200 days together. I journal every morning so I have all of the stories already written down so just a matter of putting it together. I think our journey together thus far makes for good reading.
      Have a great weekend and treasure those moments even if they are chasing a squirrel. I watched Marley and Me last night (funny I did not read the book and had not seen the movie) and cried like a baby. So many of their early moments reminded me of us. Guess the name cannot be Alvin and Me …….
      Say hi to Bert.
      Always, Carol


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