Oh, that doggie of mine !!!

Our usual morning routine can begin anywhere between 4:45 and 6:30 a.m.

Just depends on when Mr. Alvin wants to get up and then of course, I follow.

I grab my bunny hug from the back of my bedroom door, and my glass of water from my bedside table,

oh, and quickly don a pair of socks (depending on his mood, he might try, and eat them as I am putting them on).

Make a quick “bathroom” stop before going downstairs.

Oh, don’t feel too sorry for me (with the early hour). (will explain further)

I take him out for his morning bathroom break.

Back into the house, and he has breakfast.

While he is eating (usually takes him several seconds, yes seconds) ….

I move the pillows around on the sofa and spread out the “red” blanket.

Then I get under it and when he is done eating ….. he comes into the living room

and hops up onto the sofa…… he likes to snuggle (at this point).

Sometimes after a few minutes he will get up and go to the green chair.

Then perhaps a bit later he will get up and move to the brown chair, which is the case this morning.

Most mornings, well actually all mornings until today, he lies in one of the two  chairs,  until I get my butt off the sofa.

Usually no later than 8:00 a.m.  (face it I am retired, I have earned the right to sleep in, right??)

So this morning, just a few minutes before 8:00 a.m. – he jumps off the brown chair and up onto the sofa.

Not sure what was going through his mind but he started licking my face.

Well, it tickled to say the least.  I started to laugh.  Within a few seconds, I was up.

As I was folding the blanket and before I could adjust the pillows – the little “bugger” and I use that word with LOVE,

HE LAYS DOWN ON THE PILLOWS (on the ones that I just got up from).

So I went into the kitchen pulled my notebook out of one of the drawers and started to write my “morning pages”.

This is something that I have done for several years.  It was part of a writing course that I took ….. it is a great practice.

Oh, I wished that I could remember the name of the book.  LOL.

Anyway, back to the “boy” er I mean, the dog.  He stayed on the pillows until he heard the fridge door open for the second

time which is the queue  that I am about to eat …… (first time I get water & lemon, second the blueberries to have with oatmeal).

It is so funny how routine oriented dogs are …… sure wished that he would sleep until about 7:00 though.

Perhaps someday I will just stay up ……. well sometimes I do.

Oh, there was just a knock at the door.  Little guy from two doors down.  His name is Kahlia, and he wanted to see if I was done supper.

He is/was bored and I am the friend that he calls upon when his other little friends are busy.  Plus he loves Alvin.

But supper (chili) is simmering – so not good time.  I was to mention that he had been by earlier with Lea from five doors down.

We live in duplexes……. so they live close by.

I hope that you enjoy the stories about Alvin.  He is quite the character.

Until later.

Always, Carol

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