Thought for the day……

It rained earlier this morning so when Alvin and I first got up at 5:00 a.m. the deck was wet.  The air smelled so fresh and clean.  I love the smell of rain.  A few hours later when we were up for “real” ….. Alvin “asked” to go outside.  So I let him out.  He walked around the deck and climbed up into the snowbank that is off (literally) the deck.  Soon he was back down (thank goodness) on solid ground.  I am a little nervous about him  going up there as he could fall through the snow and not be able to get out.  After he wandered around he climbed or rather hopped up the steps to the top of the deck, he sat down.  I was watching him from the kitchen window.  He just sniffed at the fresh moist air and looked around.  I wonder what he was thinking?  He sat there for several minutes just taking it all in….. he looked so cute.  Then for no reason, he got up and hopped back down the steps.

I am always amazed at how he takes those few minutes and just sits there.  He must be practising some form of “meditation”.  He is still and quiet – just as one is during those times of meditation.

So here is the thought for this day ……. if Alvin can take those precious moments and be still ……. then I should be sitting right beside him on the top of the deck (well maybe not on the deck at this time, LOL) being STILL.

Have a great day everyone.


Always, Carol

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