Happy Valentine’s Day

I had a light bulb moment today.

Realized that it was less than one week until Valentine’s Day.

So I got out my supplies and made a bunch of cards for those special people in my life.

Well, truth be told ….. there are so many “special folks” in my life and I simply would run out of supplies including stamps before making enough for all of them.

So for those folks that do not receive one of my “homemade” Valentine’s Day cards in the mail …… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.

I love you all……..

Craft Supplies for Valentine Cards

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

This is what happens when you make things!!

More cards .....

Construction Details:  I took some “card” size construction paper that I happen to have on hand.

This paper came in a pad with a variety of colours and designs.  I folded each sheet in half.

Then I took some red construction paper and cut it in widths matching the size of the folded card.

The red paper became the inside of each card.  I had some ladybug stickers and since they were “red” I figured they were appropriate

for my Valentine’s Cards.  After that just wrote a little verse in each.

Simple but so nice.  I love receiving cards in the mail and receiving them period.  Also better when homemade.

Well my friends Lea and Mahee-Lee just called and they are coming over.

So have to sign off for now.

Always, Carol

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