Life in Photos …. some of my favorites

Alvin in the snow.....



My handsome son-in-law with a big big SMILE!!

Me at Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park

My Great Nephew and his Cousins ... just playing .....

"Azlin" when he was a baby .... now he's going on "6" years old.

That face ....... wonder what he was thinking??

My great niece Selena ..... a little Princess.... now almost 8

Alzin & Selena at Auntie Carol's

Princess Selena ......

My niece Dara ...... gorgeous......

My grand-puppies Penny & Elton .... so cute.

Azlin and his Mom, Sara

Roses from my Sister on my 50th Birthday

Ah, Miss Penny a few years back

My friend & neighbour Lea, come to visit and make bracelets & a necklace

One of my Vegetarian Creations ..... so yummy.....

Our Necklaces......

Alvin's first stocking .... from his family.

Alvin, almost one year ago.....first hair cut

Me & Alvin .....

We miss Simone's hair cuts......

My baby turns "30" .....

All the kids wanted to help blow out Amanda's birthday cute.

Amanda and our girl's night ..... Smashbox gift box always a good thing.


I have always loved taking photos of the people that I love, places that I have travelled and everything in between.

Here are some of the photos that I have taken over the years ……

Always, Carol


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