Thought for the day……

Remember those times when “Sesame Street” or “Dora the Explorer” or perhaps “Max & Ruby” occupied your children for a short time while you started lunch or baked a cake.  Mm, that makes me hungry…  LOL

Well I never thought that I would say this, or that it would happen to me when I was over 50,  but it has.  You see I have this puppy dog named Alvin.  He likes to have my attention.  In fact, when I am on the computer he jumps up and gives me the old paw ….. or sometimes he just sits there and barks.  Back to the reason why I am writing this, … my daughter & son-in-law gave Alvin this purple “thingy”  for Christmas.  It comes in two pieces and screws together.  It is hard rubber.  When it is apart you can place peanut butter inside and then screw it back together.  The dog licks the peanut butter to his heart’s content.  I must admit that I have used this gadget when I needed a break from my “boy”.

Both Mama and “boy” are happy….. Alvin is still licking at the purple thingy even though the peanut butter is long gone.

So the thought for the day …… can you guess what it is?  Mm, let’s see!

Thought for the day ……. sometimes “Mama” just needs a BREAK….. LOL.

Always, Carol

Ah, Mama's boy.......isn't he cute!!!


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