Thought for the day……

“I was looking for something on my blog when I noticed this “thought for the day…… that was still at the draft stage.  So with no changes, I am publishing it.  I think that you will know why.

Whenever I feel blue …… or just a little bit “down” ….. I am reminded that there are angels all around me.  They are here in the form of friends, family, strangers, puppies and kitty cats and “gut feelings” and sometimes dreams.   My angels were watching over me as I am in the midst of having some electrical issues corrected.  We take for granted when we turn the light switch on and the yellow glow lights our way that electricity just magically happens.  But for me just a few days ago ….. that magic was a terrifying reminder of  the power of electricity.

Always, Carol

In the attic ......

Boxes from attic - burned

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