Thought for the day……

Happy Sunday Everyone!

What are your plans for this sunny Sunday?

Are you spending the day at home?

Are you watching your favourite movie with your family?

Are you using your creative genius to create the next “IT” item?

Are you drinking coffee?

Are you planning to take your dog for a walk?  (Later, I am)

Are you walking on the treadmill because you have one?

Are you chatting with your favourite person on the telephone, SKYPE or on Facebook?

Are you writing a story?

Are you listening to music?

Are you reading a good book?

Are you going shopping?

Whatever you happen to be doing this Sunday.

Just remember that everyone in your “hood”, in your city or town, in Canada, in North America, in the WORLD – is doing “something” this fine Sunday.

Someone might even be doing exactly what you are doing….  🙂

So have a blessed, awesome, amazing, happy, incredible, fabulous, fantastic and cool Sunday.

Also, if you have a wife, husband, children, friend or a pet in close proximity – give them a “kiss” and smile.

Guaranteed this will make your Sunday, extra special.

Always, Carol and of course, Alvin who is recovering from his Momma’s kiss.  LOL

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