Thought for the day…….

Dear Friends,

First off, thank you to Laurie for the reminder that it has been several days since my last “thought for the day” ….

I have been thinking that amongst all of the hub-bub of our busy lives …… that we have to …. we need to ….

Just quieten our minds ….. for a few minutes ……. breathe and relax…..

Life has been hectic for me as of late ……. so it is time to sit back for a few moments …… smile …. breathe deeply …. relax….

The days seem to fly by and before you know it another month has disappeared into that big vacuum in the sky ……

I am grateful for everything in my life ……. yes, everything.

It is the not so pleasant things that give way to the GREAT things.

Think positive – love your life.

Feel the love in every moment of every day, and you will have a awesome life.

You have to feel love in order to receive love.

So have a positive frame of mind, smile at everyone, love yourself and your life and great things will come to you.

I truly believe this.

So change some of your words to:  great, fantastic, wonderful, amazing, awesome (all positive words).


You have a gorgeous smile ……. so SMILE, okay….. that’s better…..  🙂


Always, Carol

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