Thought for the day…..

Hi Everyone !!!

What a beautiful day here in Edmonton.

Sun is shining and it is warm, warm, warm.

Both me and Alvin are happy campers.

He is wondering when I am going to get off of the computer and give him his supper.  LOL

I am certain that his patience is going to wear off …. any minute now.

I just wanted to post something on my blog …..

So thought for this day …… ENJOY YOURSELF.

I have to share something funny ….. not ha ha funny but strange funny.

Last night I made myself a lengthy TO DO list for today.

On that list I made note to call two of my girl friends that live in the neighbourhood.

Go figure, when I was returning home from an errand,  I bump into one of them out for a walk and

then the other one was walking with her kids passing by our house,  so Alvin and I went out for a chat.

Isn’t life funny ….

Oh, I took Alvin for a walk and looked down on the grass by the lake and found a LOONIE.

All bright and shining.

So between all that is going on in my life, I am reminded that good things do happen everyday.

You just have to look around and be aware.

Happy Day Everyone.

Always, Carol

Posting this just because "ALVIN" is so cute here....

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