Last Night I dreamed ……

Last night I dreamed of a man

Not just anyone.

But this tall, incredibly handsome…

Someone,  who would love and understand,

Laugh with and admire …

This woman that I have become.

I could feel his strong arms encase me.

His warm sweet breath touching my skin

Leaving a warmness that would melt the polar ice caps.

Locked in a gentle embrace,

Is the only place …. I want to be.

I saw him in the moonlight.

Somewhere between the moonbeams his shadow overtook me

He held me tight, the man of my dreams.

My mind takes the reigns from my heart.

As I think of what could be,

The man of my dreams, appeared to me as I slept.

Crazy as it may seem, Actually it may be.

I don’t even know his name or where’s he from yet.

He never spoke a word, not one word.

But I knew….

I felt all my tomorrows in the warmth of his hand.

I had painted his picture firmly in my mind since I was a little girl

Didn’t matter his name, he was mine, always has been mine…

Carol Yvonne Lewis, written April 22nd, 2011


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