Thought for the day…..

I always wonder …. why certain number combinations keep showing up in my life.

I was born in 1957 and “57” has been showing up daily for the past couple or so months.

Does that mean anything?  I do not know.

Do certain number combinations show up in your life?

That is what I am pondering for this 9th of July.

I would LOVE for the SIX numbers on my 649 lottery ticket to come up …..

Now that would be one series of numbers that I know definitely know the meaning for …. to…. YAY.

Happier life …….  I would be as happy as I am at any given moment but it would mean “complete peace of mind” …

After all isn’t that what we all strive for ….. peace of mind ……

So after that thought provoking jumble of words …… HAVE A GREAT SATURDAY NIGHT.

Me and Alvin are going to kick back later and watch a movie.

Always, Carol

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