Thought for the day…..

Hey it is Friday ……. wow where did the week go.

I am finishing up the last day of my first week  of my new full-time job.

I love it …. people are wonderful (truly) and learning is always a good thing to do.

So on this day … my thoughts are simply this:

Just a reminder to be grateful for all that you have.

Take a couple of minutes each day and say aloud, or to yourself or put pen to paper and make note of all that you are grateful for:

(this is my list)

My daughter Amanda

My doggie Alvin

My son-in-law and grand-puppies

My house, yard and everything that I have including great health.


Fresh Air

Clean Water

This planet

Animals, People and Chocolate and food.

All the people that I have met through my “jobs” …

That is just a few things that I am so grateful for …

I could go on and on, but you see my point.

If you are always grateful for everything that you have …… then you shall always have …..

and flowers …..

Have a blessed Friday everyone.

Always, Carol

P.S. just found out that this is my “294th” post.  YAY.  Time to celebrate …. crack open the champagne…..

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