Thought for the day……

Well Happy Wednesday !!

This is a great day.  Sir Alvin woke me up at 12:24 to go outside, and then again at 4:20 (he sure has his times off).

Perhaps it is deliberate as he can sleep all day …..but not his Momma.   LOL.

The air was still warm at midnight.  It is about 6:30 and the sun is coming up.  I love the morning sky.

When we got up at 4:20, we went outside quickly and then I set the timer on the microwave and grabbed a few more minutes

of sleep/rest on the sofa before rising just after 5:00.  I was a bit off when I walked into the kitchen and knocked my water glass over on the counter, and there was water everywhere.

In the meantime, Alvin is impatient to have breakfast…..

Oh well, no big deal.  Just wiped it up and sat down to write my daily “morning pages”.  Everyday I do this writing exercise which

is in between a journal and this 12 week writing “course” that I did several years ago.

The thought for this day ….. is …. always take the time to enjoy the things around you.

Like the air at midnight and the sky at 6:30 in the morning.

Even wiping up the spilled water …..

So have a great day everyone.


Always, Carol

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