Thought for the day….

Good Morning World,

My grand-puppies Elton and Miss Penny are spending a couple of days with me and Alvin.

I took all three for a walk last night or rather they took me for a walk last night.

When we were about halfway to the park/lake we, or rather I noticed an animal in one of my friend’s front yards (they have a dog but he is small, and this one was not small).

He or she reminded me of a fox from the distance.  I was unsure of what to do as I had the three little ones with me.  Now Miss Penny takes to barking, and she was having quite the conversation and the animal did not even seem to notice the commotion.  So we stood there and waited.  A few minutes later I noticed my friend coming home.  He obviously had noticed the not announced guest (who by this time had moved down the street a bit) and was carrying his “Ben” in his arms.  We had a brief conversation, and I asked him to call 311 for assistance.  I walked along with the dogs in tow keeping an ever watchful eye on the new one in the ‘hood.  About the time we were nearing the lake a couple of young people came roller blading by.  They bladed by him as he was in a yard and they were on the street.  They happened to notice this uninvited guest to our neighbourhood. and stopped to look.  By this time we were at the entrance to the park.  They managed to get close to the animal and everything seemed okay (so not a fox).  He sure did remind me of a fox including his tail.

The young couple checked him for ID or so it appeared from a distance.  Thank goodness for the kindness of  strangers. The “dog” was on the move and they followed him.  When they disappeared out of my sight we continued on our way.  I will always wonder where the animal came from and why he looked so much like a fox.

We had a great walk ….. great upper body workout for me….

Simple pleasures is the thought for this day.

Have to go and check on my grand-puppies most especially Miss Penny.  Penny and Alvin are always going at it…..playing and “getting on each other’s nerves”…..  oh well.

Have a great day.

Always, Carol, Alvin, Elton and Penny.

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