Thought for the day…….

Who or what do you love so much

that when they or it is not there


For me the “who” is my dog “ALVIN”

He went for a sleepover to his sister’s house (Amanda’s) last night.

I missed him following me around the house.

(although, it was much easier to wash the floors).

I missed cuddling on the sofa.

( sure missed him keeping my spot warm)

I even missed his pulling on my pants or sweater when he wants to play or my attention.

He brings both companionship and joy to my life.

He brings unconditional, no strings LOVE.

That is the most important after all.

I hope that each and every one has a someone in your life that brings you great joy, friendship and love.

Have a happy and great THURSDAY.

Always, Carol

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  1. mynewlifeat51
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 12:38:46

    Trying this to see if it works. I am going to check off the box below this blog that states: Notify me of new posts via email….


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