Thought for the day….

Happy Saturday morning as I eat my breakfast and type this blog.

I work today at Bath & Body Works ….. Saturdays are always busy and you get to meet so many great people.

I am so grateful for this job.

I work with so many wonderful people of all ages which is great.

Quite often friends from Saskatchewan pop into the store unexpectedly.

Saskatchewan does not currently have any Bath & Body Works Stores so we are always visited from fellow Saskatchewanians or is it Saskatchewanites??

Last night some Taylor Swift concert goers were in the store.  They proudly wore t-shirts that they had purchased from the concert on Thursday night.

I am so blessed to be in a position to meet new people almost everyday and I absolutely love it.  To listen to their stories always makes my day.

Whether I am on switchboard at my “day” job or working in the mall …… I always find a way to have fun.

Each and every person has a story …. some more happy than others but a story just the same.

All most people want is to be heard… ….. that someone will care enough for a few moments to listen to our story.

So for this day, I would ask each and every one of you ….. to just listen when someone  wants to tell you something.

Whether it is someone you know very well or someone you meet in line at a store.

Remember to listen….. you might just be pleasantly surprised by how you feel after taking those moments to “care”.

Have a great Saturday….. I will be at the mall …. one of my most favourite places on the planet.

Working instead of shopping.  One of these days I will be in the mall to do some serious shopping.

Take Care……

Always, Carol

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