Thought for the day……

How do you start your day?

Do you jump out of bed from the sound of the “alarm clock”?

Or perhaps you sleep until you naturally wake up?

Or maybe a little one or two join you in bed.

Once out of bed, do your eat and or exercise?

Do you prepare your family to meet the day?

Or if you have time and are so inclined do you write in a journal?

There are so many different ways to begin your day?

It doesn’t matter if you work outside or or at home.

Me, well I am usually up at 5:00.

I started to use an alarm clock,  (although Alvin has a pretty good internal alarm).

Methinks that I should have purchased a clock radio and got up to some nice music.

Most days I could pass on the shrill of the alarm.

I slip on some socks and my “bunny hug” and take Alvin outside.

Apparently bunny hug is a Saskatchewan term.  LOL

YAY ….. something original….

Then I feed him, write in my “journal” and then have breakfast.

Once that is all done, I get ready for the day.

I also spend a few minutes on the computer writing this blog and checking email.

Then I have a few minutes of quality time with the “ALVIN”.

My thought for this day is …… even though we all have the same but yet different starts to our days …..

we all have to get out of bed one leg at a time.

Hopefully you have a few moments in the morning to meditate on the new day.

I hope that you had a great start to your day as did I.

May great health, joy and abundance rain down over you today.

Happy Tuesday….

Always, Carol

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