Thought for the day……

Last night as Alvin and I strolled through a neighbourhood park – I thought to myself  “how fortunate and blessed that I was to live in such a beautiful place” ….. The thoughts continued as I walked and I felt an all enclosing veil of contentment envelope me.  I knew for sure, for absolute certain that this was the place that I had dreamed of living all my life.  Since I was a little girl,  I had always dreamed of having my own place.  Some of the details may have changed over the years but the basic “you know that the planets have aligned,  and that this is the place you want and need to be  feeling”  – well that is exactly how I felt last night, and at this moment.  Walking by the lake I could see the reflection of nearby homes in the water.  The moon not quite half was visible in the mid evening sky (not yet dark). The roses lining the entrance to the park ….. with that fragrance.  Such a gorgeous evening …. everyone was out and about.  How very lucky I am …. I am very grateful that my dreams are coming true.  Often we trample through each day ….. getting up early, eating, dressing and going to work all on an automatic pilot of sorts.  So when those precious moments arrive when the air is perfect ….. no mosquitoes……not hot or cold …… you want to breathe them all deep inside ….. to hold onto them for all time and remember them always……

I hope that you all had one of those memorable wonderful Tuesday nights.

Always, Carol

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