Thought for the day……

I just have to share this with all of you.  Yesterday after work I was waiting to catch the bus.  It was very hot, and you could definitely feel it standing on the sidewalk with the hot asphalt melting nearby.  While waiting and wondering about the bus schedule as it had recently changed,  I got to chatting with a nice woman.  Somehow during the course of the conversation she asked me the following question?  “So, what country are you from?”  Well, I darn near broke out into a small bout of laughter but I contained myself.  I replied “Saskatchewan” ….. you know Alberta’s neighbour. She smiled and I thought to myself this is truly a “multiculturalist society” …  How grand!    Just for that conversation, and that question alone made waiting in the hot sun for the bus worthwhile.  I wished that I would have thought quickly enough to have asked her that very question.  We continued chatting until the bus arrived, and then stood from downtown to West Ed Mall.  It was hot but I smiled to myself the whole time. I was just thinking that I do not even have to travel to a foreign country to have someone think that I am a foreigner.

Thought for the day …… “sometimes all you have to do is wait for a bus” ……

Have a great great Friday…

Always, Carol

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