Thought for the day…..

Good Morning World…… or at least Wayne, Cindy, Amanda, Janice and the rest of my faithful readers…

Have you tried tried to count your thoughts or at least keep track of what you thought about over the course of a day?

Yikes, the number is staggering.

It definitely though worth working on keeping the mind still ……. no thoughts …..or at least fewer and more selective ones.

I know that I tend to have silly thoughts and they will go to the “dark side” if I do not remain focused on the positive things.

OMG, it is almost 630 and I have to put my lunch in the bag, change Alvin’s water, the stars aren’t out, I wonder if the phones will be busy today, and you get the picture.

It is tiring …. batting all of those thoughts around and around….. I feel like a yo-yo.

We have so many random thoughts in a day.

I have heard the 60,000 number bounced around …… whatever it is ….. we have a lot of them.

So have a great day.

Just keep your thoughts on the “bright side” ….

Always, Carol

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