Thought for the day……

Last night after returning home from work at both my full and part-time jobs, I was ready to unwind and relax.

So after a wonderful suggestion from my son-in-law who picked me up from work at BBW …..

Alvin and I kicked back and sat out on the deck.

My deck goes from the house to the garage.

We sat on the top step by the garage which extends into a small deck.

It was so warm and beautiful out that I grabbed a jacket and laid down on the deck…

The night sky was the main attraction.

The stars were shining brightly as only they can do.


I was trying to remember which star groups were which ….. so much fun.

It was absolutely breath-taking.

I love to relax and star-gaze.

Alvin was just happy to spend some time with his Mama.

So we enjoyed some peaceful and relaxing time together ….

Out on the deck ….. late at night ….. just looking up at the night sky.

I was thinking …… maybe someone else is doing the same as me.

If you are ever in need or want something to do ….. that meets with everyone’s budget,

is both relaxing and peaceful and easy to do…….. just take your dog or perhaps your significant other and

hit the back yard.

Have a great Saturday…..

Today is supposed to be hot for the second day of Autumn here in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA.

Always, Carol

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