Thought for the day…..

Good Tuesday morning!  Another gorgeous day.  We are so blessed.  Take a look around you – all around.  What do you see?  Are you surrounded by people or things or perhaps both?  Do you love everything that envelopes your life?  It is easy to get surrounded by stuff.  Stuff that does absolutely nothing for you ….. it just takes up space.  Space in your house, your life and your thoughts.  I have found that we all at some time or other in our lives ….. felt that we needed those things.  Whether it was due to peer pressure or just because you wanted them. We really have so much.   Recently, I hosted a girl’s night out party which included a swap.  We had everything from jewelry to aprons, purses to coats and everything that a girl might appreciate.  It was so much fun and everyone got things that they wanted and or needed.

Most of us take the time in the spring and fall to do some purging of the closets.  It is a good thing.  I always feel so much lighter afterward.

So take a couple of hours and go through your closets, your drawers …. all over the house.  There will be things of course that are ready to be tossed as they have seen better days and others that can go to another owner who will appreciate them.  Happy cleaning. Giving is an amazing thing.  You must give in order to receive…..

Have an awesome day.


Always, Carol

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