Thought for the day……

Wow, welcome to Whacky Wednesday, Hump Day …… Happy November 9th everyone.

On this Wednesday morning my thoughts have been mainly on my dog Alvin.

He has taken to wanting up on my lap while I am doing my morning writing.

I might have mentioned this to you before now.

He really isn’t a lap dog as he weights 20 pounds and is quite long but nevertheless, he is one.

I love watching him get into his comfortable position.

Generally it takes him a couple of minutes.

I have to put my legs up onto a chair so that he has the length otherwise he would fall onto the floor.

But it is so nice to have him snuggling while I write.

It brought back memories of when my daughter was small and used to curl up on me.

I love that closeness.

I hope that everyone out there has the opportunity to share that with someone whether a child, spouse, or pet.

It is a great way to begin your day.

Special Hello to: all the star gazers out there.

Always, Carol

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