Thought for the day…..

OMG, today is Friday, February 17th, 2012.

It is an amazing day and yesterday was amazing as well.

On our way home from work yesterday we stopped at the vet to pick up food for Alvin and Elton.

When Steven and I got inside we saw this young guy with a beautiful dog.

The dog seemed to have the hiccups.

Over the course of the next few minutes we heard the story of “them”.

He had found her or she found him at his worksite.

Already they had been together for more than one day.

He had been reluctant to leave her outside at the site because of the coyotes in the area.

So he took her home.  Called all the numbers that we call when a pet has been found/lost.

He was amazed how she just went with him.

She started “hiccuping” and had been for many hours when he decided to bring her back to the vet.

He found her in the area around Leduc (he lives there).

She drank lots of water but after she ate she had thrown up.

So he had been concerned.

We all felt that perhaps she was missing her family so much that the hiccups were brought on because she was distressed.

She did not outwardly show it.

He said that she did not bark even once.

Steven went and got Amanda as she knew about a website that you can go to when you find a lost pet.

So together the three of us fell in love with this beautiful girl.

We all would have taken her home in a heartbeat.

There was just something about her …. hard to explain.

This amazing creature, and around all strangers to her …… was an ANGEL.

She was sweet and wonderful.  So well behaved that we even remarked about our “three” dogs and how “not” behaved they are ….. sometimes..  🙂

I gave her a belly rub and she loved it.  She got lots of love and attention from us all in those precious minutes.

The vet had already left for the day (it was late afternoon) so our young man decided it was time to go as he wanted to go to the remaining places around Leduc that he had not made it to the day before.

What a great guy.

I hope with all my heart that when he finds the owners that they are great people and deserving of such a lovely creature.

My heart felt so full of love when I was in her presence.  It was so odd – I have never felt that way …. so quickly.  It was very emotional and even now as I type this …. my eyes are tearing up.

The young man (sure wished I would have asked his name), this total stranger with a heart of gold also had fallen in love with her and was quite prepared to keep her should she need a home.

It is not every day and certainly not even once a year that you come across someone so genuine and compassionate.

I am so happy for our Angel that she found this young man …..

I feel very blessed to have come across the man with the heart of gold and the dog that was definitely a gift, an angel.

Amanda took a photo with her phone of our “Angel” …..


So beautiful.

It makes me love my Alvin even more ….

Well I have to run …. today is my first Friday off ….. YAY….. I have lots to do.  Laundry on the go, coffee with G, housework, hair cut …. work tonight at BBW…. afterward show with Amanda ….. YAY…

Thank you for such a great day ….

Special Hello to all those people … those special men, women and children who “rescue”  ….. they are our heroes.  Whether it is an animal or another human being ….. they ROCK.  THANK YOU.

Have a blessed wonderful Friday …

Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin.

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