Thought for the day….

Good Friday Morning …. it is March 30th, 2012.

Did I say March 30th, 2012 ….. yes I did.

Today marks the third year anniversary of my move to this province, city, neighbourhood and home.

Three years already…..

Last night when Alvin and I were out for our daily walk …. I thought to myself how incredibly lucky, blessed and fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful neighbourhood.

There are lakes and parks at every turn and beautiful new homes.  I love this area so much.  It feels like home……besides my actual residence.

The people in my “hood” are so warm and friendly.

I am deeply in love with my home and neighbourhood.

It is a wonderful place to live and to be.

I have met so many incredibly people who are now my friends ….. truly I am blessed.

How lucky am I to have long-time friends back in Saskatchewan, and now new friends here in Edmonton.

I know that I have the world in the palm of my hand and it is spinning to my beat.

I should also mention that besides having great new friends it is also my incredible good fortune to be living within a short walk to my one and only daughter’s home.

It is amazing having my family so close by.

Also to add to the mix …. I have as I always say “ME ALVIN” …….. whom I treasure in most moments ….. everyday.

Out of the blue this morning he took a pair of my pants out of the laundry basket and began to chew on them.

Not sure what that is all about ….. I guess just trying to get my attention.

Anyway …. lots to do …..

Have a wonderful weekend …..

Special Hello to:  my friends back “home” in Regina and surrounding area …… love you all.

Always, Carol and “ME” Alvin……  😉

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