Thought for the day……

Good Tuesday morning.  Today is April 10th, 2012.  I almost said “Good Monday” morning.  GOL (giggling out loud).

So how was your long weekend?  Mine was interesting.  Pretty much everything that I had planned to do ….. changed somewhat.

But what can you do ….. just keep going and keep those thoughts going in the direction of what you would like the end result to be.

I did end up having an unexpected day of rest …. complete rest ….. unable to do anything other than breathe, open the door to let Alvin out, feed him of course, eat whatever I could that did not require cooking or the use of both hands, and working the remote control for the television.  Other than a couple of other small “things” that one does on a daily basis that was it for Saturday.  That’s what happens when you fall on the cement and land on one of your hands.  My right hand is the dominant one even though I write with my left one.  My right hand is the stronger and I definitely use it for almost everything.  So some things were definitely a challenge.  But I did lay around and just watch t.v. …… I do not remember when I literally spent a whole day doing nothing.  It seemed so strange but yet wonderful.  It would have been more wonderful if my hand was not “hurting.”  But my angel brought me some ADVIL and that did the trick.

Okay, so onto better things.  I did get a chance to go out and work on the census yesterday.  Luckily I managed to find some folks at home …. which was great.

I think spring has sprung …. for certain this time.  The temperatures have gone up and the sun has been shining daily.  Soon the bank of snow on my front lawn will be replaced with beautiful green grass, and the shovel will be replaced by the lawn mower.  Isn’t it funny how we have different tools for the front yard depending on the season.  LOL.  I can imagine living in a place that has warm temperatures twelve months of the year.  Only lawn mowers ….. yay.  But you know, I think that I would miss the winter ….. the snow.  You sure would have a hard time building a snowman out of water.

So at the end of it all here …… it just goes to show …. that no matter what ….. you have to sometimes change your plans …. revise them somewhat and then it all works out just the way it should.

This is sort of funny but definitely strange.  Yesterday this thought kept popping into my head …. actually it might have started the day before ….. I was chopping some parsley with my chef’s knife and I cut my finger.  It was weird because I could not stop the thought …. it just kept coming.  Last night when I made some pasta sauce for supper.  I was so careful as I removed the chef’s knife from it’s place in the wood block and began to chop the parsley.  When I was done …. I was relieved that I was cut free and so happy.  Aha, nothing happened.  Later on, when I was hand washing some dishes and silly me …. had put the knife into the water backwards and when I took a quick swish through the water to see what was left to wash …. my finger found the knife.  Luckily it was a small cut and did not bleed for very long.  So I was thinking if I had brought that to fruition with only a few thoughts that perhaps I had better start working on that first million.  Just keep those thoughts of many dollars coming.

So I hope that you are thinking only the good thoughts ….. cause your “thoughts do become things” ….

Have a great day.

Special Hello: to all those washers of dishes be careful.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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