Thought for the day…..

Good Thursday Morning ….. welcome to the 19th of April, 2012.

Yesterday our office held a training day for the staff.

One of the speakers that we had was David Irvine.

I found out that he had written several books and giving direction to people for years.

He spoke on the following two topics:  “The Gift of Conflict” and “Simple Living in a Complex World”.

The Gift of Conflict delved into The Power of Courageous Conversations and about managing conflict.

Simple Living in a Complex World was about the Power of Personal Balance …..

I learned so much, and even purchased a couple of his books.

Living a simple life in balance is exactly what I have been striving to do for the past several years.

Now somedays I do better than others but most days I think that I get it “pretty right” ……

Yesterday was a great day filled with powerful conversation and thought provoking information.

So on this Thursday it is back to work but I have a few more tools to keep me sailing forward on my path.

I hope should you ever have the opportunity to hear David speak that you will take it.

He is a great speaker and navigator through life’s muddy waters…..

Well it is almost time to go to work so I had better get the show on the road.

I hope that you all have a wonderful exciting …. dream come true kind of day.

Until tomorrow …..

Special Hello to: all those people sailing on down the road, and finding gifts along the way.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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