Thought for the day…..

Welcome to Tuesday, June 5th, 2012.

This morning when Alvin and I first got up the sky was overcast, and it was windy.

A few minutes ago it started to rain, see what happens when I water my grass 🙂 .

A nice spring rain will do the grass, shrubs, trees, flowers and gardens good.

After all it is coming straight from Mother Nature herself ….. nothing like going to the top for things.

Well I see from my window that the sky is beginning to clear from the south east.

I love a spring/summer rain.  The smell is so amazing.

We are off to a great start today.

I hope that wherever you are on this day that your day is off to a great start, as well.

I have one quick story to pass on ….. a couple of weeks or so ago, I noticed when I had something in the oven

baking that the bottom element (which I found out later is called the “baking element”, makes sense) was glowing red in one section near the back of the oven.  I was busy so just let it go.  So on the weekend, I was busy doing a billion things and thought that I would pop something into the oven to cook for supper and then go outside and mow the grass.  So after I was finished and came into the house thinking that I would have a nice “hot” supper …. well I was so so incorrect.  While I was outside the element burned out.  I noticed that there was char on that spot and that it had actually broke apart.  YIKES.  I guess it could have definitely been worse.  So I turned off the oven and luckily my supper was cooked …. just not as hot as I would have liked it.  So I immediately called my daughter …. just to tell her what happened and then I carried on with my evening.  Thinking that it could wait for a couple of days as I do not use my oven everyday ….. So Sunday evening one of my neighbours “J” came over and helped me take off the old element (with help of another neighbour “D’).  I am off to get a new element tonight after work but lesson learned.  In all of my years I have never had the element in the oven burn out and never had it glow like that …. so if anyone has that happen …. immediately replace it.  Do not wait.  It is quite easy to take out and sounds like easy to install the new one.  There are helpful YOU TUBE videos out there should you need one ( I like videos … something you can see).  So as always be careful and always make sure that the power is off……  So that was one of my things and also the bathroom tissue holder in my master bathroom .. just fell apart.  Man, they sure do not make things to last long.  It is relatively new at not quite six years old.  Anyway, I always have stories.  I also have learned several things ….. and continue to learn.

So it is now almost time once again to sign off and finish getting ready for work.  I apologize if I got “wordy” in my “thought for the day” which ended up being a short novel…..

Have an amazing day.

Special Hello to: all those handy people out there …. I am slowly becoming one of them.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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