Thought for the day….

Wow, the sky is a beautiful “light” blue and the SUN is shining and it is Thursday, June 14th, 2012.

Almost at the midpoint in June.

It has been a great month with all the green grass, trees, flowers blooming and the ROSES.

OMG, the wild roses that line all of the neighbourhood walkways are the most glorious shade of PINK and the fragrance.

OMMG, the fragrance is like nothing else on this EARTH.

I absolutely love it.  Really over the moon, LOVE that smell.

When Alvin and I went for a walk last night as we drew near to the walkway the fragrance came out to greet us.

It was wonderful …. I was in heaven.

I wonder what Mr. Alvin thought when I walked over to one of the bushes and started smelling the roses.

I wished that I had a wild rose bush in my back yard.

Anyway, that is my thought for the day ….. something that comes back to life in the spring and brings so much pleasure to people … something that nature gives us, and it doesn’t cost a penny.  Something that we should ensure continues into the future.  The wild rose.  It is the most scent-full flower ( that I know ) and so beautiful.  So today take the time to check out all the wonderful treats that Mother Nature gives us throughout the spring and summer months.  We are truly spoiled.

I hope that you all have “wild roses” near you.

Special Hello to: all those people out there in the world that have read my blog, it means so much to me.  THANK YOU.


Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin …..

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