Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and welcome to Friday, June 15th, 2012 ( I just typed May, can you believe it).

It seems like the months go by so quickly that I forget which one that I am in.

Guess that I am enjoying my life.

“That I am.”

The skies were overcast and the clouds filled with rain that graciously fell upon my grass and I am so grateful.

Earlier this week I had a company called “Green Drop” come out to give my lawn a treatment.

I felt bad because the grass was a lighter shade of green and had several weeds (even though I pull them on a regular basis).

I cut my grass and try to keep it the best that I can but alas it needed a boost.

So the weeds have gone on to another place ……

Why is it that “weeds” or what we deem to be unattractive seem to thrive in such unhealthy soil.

I am always amazed.

I will admit that I do love the bright yellow colour of the dandelions and if they actually stayed in flower for more than a few days before they start to spread their seed …. well that would be another story.

I wanted to share one more thing before I have to leave for work and that is: I have been attending a two day (today is the last day) of a course called “Verbal Judo” ….. it has been fun and I am learning so much.

It is always a good thing to learn new stuff.

Part of the philosophy of “Verbal Judo” is the common sense stuff like treating people with respect and dignity.  I know “common sense” you say.

But really it is we should all treat others the way in which we want to be treated and that is with respect and dignity no matter the situation, no matter the person.

Sometimes that sense drifts to another planet ….. but I have always said that I treat everyone from the Queen to the caretaker exactly the same.  Your job or title does not define you.

It is how you act ….. how you treat yourself and others.

It does not matter if you have a billion dollars and are royalty or you have two jobs and are a struggling parent ….. we all NEED to be treated with RESPECT and DIGNITY.

So on this day ….. practice treating everyone the same ….. with respect.

Treat people with kindness and you will receive kindness.

This sounds perhaps silly but I definitely believe ” that you reap what you sow” or “what goes around comes around” ….. same thing.

So be nice ….. have manners ….. say “thank you” ……. be a good person and treats others with respect and dignity …..

So have an awesome day.

You are great ……

Special Hello to all those folks who naturally treat others with respect and dignity …. you ROCK.  I appreciate you so much.


Always, Carol and Mr. Alvin

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