Thought for the day….

Good Thursday morning and today is June 21st, 2012….

The first full day of SUMMER ….. SUMMER….. Yes, S-U-M-M-E-R ….. has finally arrived.

Here in Edmonton we had about 17 hours of light yesterday.

When I went to bed last night at about 10:20 ….. it was still light outside.

Isn’t that incredible!

The morning sky here as I look out my office window is the most glorious pale blue with a few white clouds lining the horizon to the south.

WOW.  Love it.

Well, I am gearing up for the weekend (today is my last day of work-work for this week).  I am having a garage sale with my daughter and a friend from down the street.

Some of my other neighbours as well will be joining in ….. a back lane sale if you will.

I am so excited.

It is so great to meet new people and connect with ones that you haven’t seen for awhile.

Well it is almost time once again to put the finishing touches on …. before leaving for work.

I hope that wherever you are …. life is treating you kind, and that you are treating life, kind in return.

Remember what you reap …. you sow.

Wish me luck on my garage sale ….. I am visualizing empty shelves, tables and floor ….. having sold every single item in the sale.

Take care.

Special Hello to: all those folks who go to garage sales ….


Always, Carol and Alvin


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