Thought for the day…..

Welcome to Friday, July 13th, 2012 and it is about 6:30 a.m. ….. the sun is up …. the sky is a pale blue and it is a great day.

Alvin is snoozing on his ottoman underneath the window by my computer desk as I write these words.

Today is a wonderful day …… today I work both of my jobs ….. so will be busy but that is always a good thing.

I love both of my jobs for different reasons.  But the main reason for both is the interaction with people.

Somedays some people might be a tad on the difficult side but most people 99.9% of the time are wonderful.

I have learned over the years that most people just want to be heard ….. someone to give them their undivided attention ….. a firm ear, if you will…

So on this day of working in an office and retail ….. I shall say GREAT.

I am also so grateful that Mother Nature decided to give us a break and keep the storm clouds going in a different direction.

I also hope that everyone in the path of those clouds was safe, dry and “cool” ….

I always look forward to the weekends as much as the weekdays.

On Saturday mornings I have a ritual ….. SKYPE with my awesome sister in Regina and then have coffee with my friend Gillian and then coffee with my Amanda.

What a way to start the day and then after all of those coffee breaks I GIVE HER ….. GET BUSY  and GET THINGS DONE.

But why not, I ask?

Housework and stuff can usually wait ….. my home as many will attest to is not in poor condition at most times …. there might be a tad bit of dust on a table or ledge and the window might even require a wipe because of Alvin ….

but all in all my home looks good at almost any time.  I find it is always a good idea to pick things up and put away.  Always easier to do it at the time of “contact” than to wait till later.

That is how I do it for the most part.

Well folks I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and can start your Saturday in a great way …. whether having coffee with loved ones or skyping with your sister ….. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE TO START YOUR WEEKEND.

SO important….

So time to run ….. oops…. am late.

Have a great weekend.

Special Hello to : YOU

Always Carol and Alvin

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