Thought for the day…..

Welcome to my day off …..  today is Friday, July 20th, 2012

Wow, past the mid point in July already and what a July this has been.

We have had hot, hot temperatures followed by and with a mixture of torrential rains and winds.

The timer just went on the oven.

I made OREO mini cheesecakes for my company that arrives tomorrow.

A couple of girls from work are coming over to meet Alvin, see where I live and have a visit, some food and see our Dear Stella Jewelry.

So should be a great day.

So today I want to finish cleaning the house and do some more food preparation.  We are doing a potluck so it makes it easier for everyone.

I work tonight at Bath & BodyWorks so only have until 4:00 p.m. to be done.

I shall be DONE.

I have three sort of small jobs but have turned into HUGE jobs because I do not know where to start.

The first one is this new fangled bathroom tissue holder of mine came apart …. it can be fixed ….. I am unsure as to how?  But I will figure it out.

The second one is all of the electrical cords hanging down from my wall mounted television.  WHY, OH WHY ….. wished everything was cordless and without batteries.

The third on and one that I can fix ….. is that I had four wall mounted gallery wrapped framed photos on my kitchen wall, and one of the top little ones came loose and fell down.

We had originally put it up with those velcro things…

So not huge things but as the days and weeks have passed by …. just enough to be a PAIN.

Now you know that normally I do not get frazzled or un positive but really ….. what does a girl do?  I wished that Mr. Alvin could help me out.

Somedays being a single woman on her own …. is not “fun” ….

I sometimes wished that I had a handyman around the house.  A girl can dream, right.

Okay enough about my “small things” ….

The sky is slightly overcast and it looks like the sun wants to come out.

Perhaps it was waiting for me to get over myself and get back to reality.

Just do it.

I am a intelligent woman and I can figure things out.

So I shall.

Yes, I shall.

Well better get going and have a cup of coffee and WORK.

Last night:

I did mow my front lawn as well as the neighbours on both sides and my back patch of grass.

Did three loads of laundry and straightened out the laundry room after I had let that damp patch of concrete dry out.

So last night I did quite a bit after work.

I love having company and as you can tell sometimes get a bit over the top ….. worrying about the cleaning and stuff.

Normally my house is pretty clean and always ready to receive company.

But I always strive to be the “best hostess”  ….

I hope that you all have a great weekend.

Special Hello to: all those hostesses and single ladies who fret when trying to make everything extra “perfect” and this could be for single guys, too.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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