Thought for the day….

Good Tuesday morning and today is August 14th, 2012 and it is the birthday of my great nephew AZLIN.

He is SEVEN today.

It seems like yesterday that he was born.

I remember waiting anxiously in the waiting room with his Grandma (my sister) for his arrival.

That was seven years ago today ……. WOW.

It seems like only yesterday.

All these babies being born and now they are seven, nine, ten, two and one …….

When you remember an event and it seems like only yesterday ….

Then someone kindly jogs your memory to tell you that it was ten years ago or more ….

Well that is just crazy.

It seems like only yesterday or maybe three weeks ago that my daughter was born.

She is thirty-two ……

I just turned “55” last week and that seems unreal to me.

I guess age is simply a number ….. something to remind us of all the memories.

Of all the years that we have to be grateful for ….

Happy Birthday my boy ….. your Anta misses you very much.

I hope that you have a great day.

Birthdays are special as they are a reminder of a life lived …..

So remember to remember on your special day ….

That is the most important thing of all ….. the memories..

Your life is a great memory.

Special Hello to:  all everyone …. have a great day.


Always, Carol and Alvin

In case you were wondering why no blog yesterday … I was home unwell …… but today feel much better.

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