Thought for the day…..

Good Monday morning ….. today is August 27th, 2012.

IT is a GORGEOUS MORNING …. the sun is starting to rise in the east.


I had a wonderful sleep and am ready to start my day ( guess truly it has started already, LOL ).

My little dog Alvin is curled up on the ottoman under the window.

He looks even more cute than his usual self.

He reminds me of a small child curled up having a nap.

Our pets and our children are so precious ….. they are innocence at it’s most pure.

Without all of the outside social sources and issues to muddy their imaginations and souls.

Whenever I work at Bath & Body Works and see all these small children so cute, living in the moment.

No ugly thoughts, no stresses, just them …. surrounded by the people that they love and that love them.

It would be so great if we could all live in the moment and not be stressed out, stressed in ….. you know.

So on this day ….. I shall endeavour to live in the moment ( I honestly do try to do this everyday ).  Will you?

Erasing all of the unkind, self-loathing, not positive thoughts and chatter that float around our brains all day long.

We have some 60,000 thoughts each and everyday.

Just to quiet those thoughts can make a huge difference.

So Happy Monday ALL …. I wish you many blessings and good thoughts.

May the sunshine bright wherever you are ….

May their be a slight cool breeze to keep you comfortable ….

May you be surrounded by love and laughter ……

May you treat all that surrounds you with love and respect …..

Take care.

All the Best on this MONDAY.

Special Hello: to all those people who shared this birthday month with me.  I think that I know at least 100 people that have birthdays in August.

Always and Forever, Carol and Alvin ..

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