Thought for the day…..

Hi Everyone and welcome to Friday, August 31st, 2012.

The very last day of August, my birth month.

Today is my day off from the office job and I am hosting a garage sale in a couple of hours.

So lots to do as I am less organized this time around than usual but that is okay.

I shall put myself into overdrive and get things done.

I am so grateful to have this day off and am looking forward to a successful sale.

I am already blessed besides having the day off but having the sun shine.

At first I was going to have the sale on the front lawn but then after consideration and debate with myself, I figured most items are already out in the garage so it would be easier.

No sense in reinventing the wheel so to speak.

So off I go……

Have yourself a great great day.

I hope that you have lots of time to yourself to perhaps walk in nature or lay on your deck or grass and look up at the night sky and just smile.

Those are two of my favourite things to do and guess what they are for FREE.

Special Hello: to all those other folks having a garage sale today.  I wish you much success.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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