Thought for the day….

Welcome to Tuesday, September 25, 2012 ……

You are likely wondering what happened to Monday, September 24th?

I was wondering the same thing when I signed onto my blog this morning.

“Whaaaa t ”  I thought.

It would appear that I did not “save” or publish my blog as I wrote it yesterday.

Ah, I am disappointed.

It was good …… oh well, onto today.

I had a great walk last night with Alvin after watching some of my favourite television show “THE VOICE.”

I love all of the talent that comes out and the judges’ personalities work so well together.

I was a bit disappointed that next year Christina and Mr. Green will be pursuing other things.

They were great, and are great.

I hope that you had an awesome Monday and are having an even better Tuesday.

There was a forecast for some rain today but I see it has been changed to sunny with some clouds.

We could use a nice shower to water all the trees and grass.

I was just thinking …… how are you doing when it comes to your dreams?

Are you like me and have so many ….. that sometimes it is hard to sort through and get them clear?

I have some main ones and then everyday I have smaller ones.

My main dream is:  to write and be published (make enough money to be retired so that I can stay at home with Alvin, write and make jewelry and keep my neighbourhood tidy).

That is the big one.  I love to write….. this blog has helped me to realize part of that dream.

I will keep going….. someday …. somehow ….. it will happen.

I hope that you all have a great day.

Take care and remember to DREAM ….. big or small ……. just dream.

Thank you for reading my words …. it means the world to me.

Special Hello to: the readers of words……


Always, Carol and Alvin


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