Thought for the day…..

Wow, here we are, another Thursday, today is September 27th, 2012.

The air is crisp this morning and the thermostat reads 68 in the house this morning.

Although that number is higher than it has been some mornings in the house, I am determined to wait a bit longer before turning on the heat.

During the day it warms up so much that it really doesn’t need to be on.  I am sure that Alvin is warm between his fur coat and his blankets.

How long do you wait before turning on the heat?  Perhaps you live somewhere that a furnace is not required?

Wherever you are ….. we always look for one of two things:  heat or cool air.

We in this country usually have both, a furnace to keep us warm in the winter and air conditioning to keep us cool in the summer.

How funny is that?

I would say that most people in this country do not have air conditioning although we do need it during the summer months.

Actually it is only a few weeks, sometimes even only days that we REALLY need a/c but I am blessed to have it in this house.

I remember pre air-conditioning days.

My days in the apartment …. well actually years….. 25 years in that same one back in Regina….

No a/c …. some of those summer days and nights were unbearable but I am here so I made it as do so many others.

Anyway, it is fall ….. are you gearing up for winter yet?

Have you started your fall clean-up?

I was just going over the list in my head and realized that I have more to do than first blush.

So guess I had better write up that list so that I do not miss anything.

So on this day before my day off from the office (I do work tomorrow night at the store) ….. I would say have a great weekend.

Lots on my TO DO LIST for this weekend as I have two days off in a row.

Friday, HOUSE AND YARD and, Saturday will be spent getting reorganized with our jewelry and hopefully making a few pieces (and fixing some for a gal at work).

Back to work at the store on Sunday …. so a full weekend.

Have a great day today, tomorrow and on the weekend.

Take Care.

Special Hello to:  everyone who is going to tackle their TO DO LIST this weekend.  Enjoy.


Always, Carol and Alvin



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