Thought for the day….

Good Friday morning and welcome to November 2nd, 2012…..

This morning as I was waiting for Alvin to come in from outside I noticed just how bright it was outside.

There was the appearance that a night light was on ….

It was just the overcast of the night hitting the bright white snow.

So beautiful ….. and I didn’t even have to turn on the “porch” light.

I love the early morning even though somedays I would like to stay in bed.

My mind says “yay” and my body says “are you kidding me” …..

The ying and yang of it all.

Well I hope on this beautiful November morning that you are just where you should be.

Filled with love and laughter and ready to take on the world …. your world.

Hey I just realized that I had type “welcome to Thursday morning when I had a flash … hey I have jeans and a white top on …. it is Friday.

The white and jeans are the dress code for my store job.

Anyway …….. we all have those moments.

I hope that you have an amazing day and weekend.

I am putting up my Christmas tree …. this is my favourite time of year and I only wished that the goodwill and joy could last the whole year long.

Take care….. be safe ….

Special Hello to: all those lovers of the Christmas season and who are putting up their trees this weekend…..


Always, Carol and Alvin


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