Thought for the day….

Well here we are at Friday once again and today on the calendar is November 16th, 2012 ….

Wow, can you believe it.

I am so excited that it is Friday and not just because it is the weekend ….

I am excited because I feel great.

Nothing like waking up on a Friday and feeling amazing.

I was having this dream …

I was seated amongst family and friends on these large overstuffed leather sofas in front of a massive fireplace all aglow,  looking out these wall to wall windows ….

We were laughing and having a grand time.

I was wearing a red long sweater (I had one in the 90’s) with black leggings and these amazing tall black boots.

Looking great …. I might add.

Guess what the view was?

It was the mountains …. wintertime …. snow capped ….. evergreens in all their glory.

We were sipping on champagne.



I woke up ….

I am going to go with the thought that I won the LOTTERY.

That is the perfect dream …..

Well almost time to leave for work … on this great Friday.

I hope that wherever you are …. that you are feeling great and having an amazing day.

Dream on ……

Dream on, I say…..

Let’s make all of our dreams come true.

Oh, and Mr. Alvin was snuggled up beside me on the sofa …. just where he should be…..

Have a grand day.

Special Hello to:  DREAMERS…. today is the day all of your dreams come true.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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