Thought for the day…….

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday, December 4th, 2012.

Did you see the moon this morning?

From my back door it was beaming brightly on this clear Edmonton morning.

I love looking at the sky ….. whether it be in the early morning, throughout the afternoon or late at night.

All the colours and shapes that the sky brings us is absolutely breathtaking.

It is truly a wonder.

I love sunrise and sunset.

I love the clouds on a rainy day followed by a rainbow or two.

I love the stars that twinkle on a clear night.

There are so many reasons to look up and be in awe.

I am so blessed that I have eyes to behold the SKY and all that it holds.

Take a couple of minutes throughout your busy day and look up ….. take a deep breathe and just “look”.

I am so grateful to be able to look up.

Have a great day everyone.

Special Hello to:  STAR GAZERS ……


Always, Carol and Alvin

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