Thought for the day……

Welcome to Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 ……

How are you doing today?

Are you feeling like you could jump up and touch the sky?   OR

Are you feeling like you want to go back to bed?

Isn’t it funny how we usually feel somewhere in between these places?

Sometimes your mind thinks one thing and your body another.

I find that in in the winter time when it is cold outside …. that part of me just wants to stay in bed.

I try and play a game with myself …. about what is going on during the day and such…..

But it is truly amazing how even after all this time ….. that come “winter” …. we want to curl up and sleep…

This can be at any part of the day ….. but generally speaking it is more difficult to jump out of bed when you know it is going to be cold out there.

Anyway, I am up and going to work.

I hope that you are feeling great and able to get your body up and going…..

Have a great day.

Special Hello to: all those folks who have an abundance of energy and always manage to jump out of bed in the morning with exuberance and zest.


I am grateful to be up.


Always, Carol and my trusty side-kick, Mr. Alvin ……


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