Thought for the day….

Well here it is Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 and GOOD MORNING TO YOU ALL !!

Just wondering what your weather is like where you are located?

Well surprise, surprise mid January and it is RAINING, yes, RAINING.

Last week it was 30 below celsius and now it is clearly above 0.

We truly have the most amazing weather.

I hope that everyone has a safe drive to work this morning.


The past few mornings Alvin has stood beside the ottoman that is under the office window and barked.

Usually he jumps up and looks out the window.

Now all of a sudden he doesn’t want to climb up.

Now he jumps onto “our” bed with no problem and it three times the height of the ottoman.

Not sure why.

He is a funny guy …. well I mean dog….


It has been interesting the past few days giving him ear drops …. they are not his favourite thing for sure.

But he struggles just enough to make me work for it…… I can tell.


Well I should run here …. my ride will be earlier today.

I hope that you all have a great day.

I hope that you accomplish everything on your TO DO List.

If you do not have one ….. they are a great tool to use as they help you to feel like you have accomplished something ….. gives you a boost.

I know that they work for me …….

It doesn’t matter if you only get to a couple of things ….. it is that you got a couple of things done.


Special Hello to: all those pet owners out there and to those who are looking to adopt a pet …. there are so many good agencies out there …. SCARS and Humane Society …. check them out.

If we all help out we could save more animal lives…..

One day, perhaps at the end of this year …. I am thinking of adopting another puppy dog…… good company for Alvin …… we will have to “talk about it”….


Always, Carol and Alvin

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