Thought for the day…..

Good Wednesday Morning and welcome to the first day of spring …. the 20th of March, 2013.

YAY.  It is official.

Now the birds can come back home.

The grass can start to plough it’s way up through the ten feet of snow covering the ground.

I can start to think about flowers (only plan).

Nature will begin the “baby process” ……

I am so grateful that winter is almost over.

We are so looking forward to spring.

I can safely say this on behalf of most of the people living in North America ..

So what is on the agenda for today?

I am going to work at the office.


Tonight is the night that my friend “G” and I are going to win the lottery.

Our lives will be transformed into “semi ladies of leisure.”

We will build a pedway between our houses.  Just kidding but we did discuss the possibility…. LOL.

It will be great to have no mortgage ….. a brand new car (any car) in the garage …. perhaps travel and once again sleep in until daybreak at least.

I can visualize sipping on a mug of coffee on the deck surrounded by mountains of flowers ….. all of my favourites.

Going to the mall for a shopping day whenever we feel in the mood.

Continuing to do good work….

Mmm, sounds like a plan.

Well gotta go here ….. sorry …. running a tad late.

Have a great day.

Hey this has been two days in a row ….. yikes.

Thanks for reading my blog and I am enjoying reading others, too.

Special Hello to: all the lottery winners out there.  Dreams do come true.


Always, Carol and Alvin


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